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Work-break Webinars are back!

Last year, we ran a Work-break Webinar series about the core concepts of behavioural science. This year, we're building on that knowledge, to confront major public health issues.

Catch up on the first series and sign up for the second series today!


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Tea with the Changemakers is a weekly podcast with changemaking at its heart.

Every Tuesday we bring you a brand new 15-30 minute episode where one of our changemakers, either Kelly Evans or Andy Senyszyn will interview a guest who we consider to be a changemaker - someone doing good. 


Changemaker Library

Resources and downloads.

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We have designed a range of online and workplace programmes to help you become a fantastic changemaker. Our courses have been designed to inspire change in you and others.

Designed with your goals in mind, our specialist courses in behaviour change marketing and behavioural science are built on the latest ideas and adapted to incorporate brilliant examples of how people in the real world have made a difference through their work.

Whether you are new to the field or looking to update your skills we can work with you and your team to create a tailored training course. Included in all of our courses is our 'after course care' service which means you can continue to learn even after your training course is completed.

Create your bespoke course